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Your Guide to Affordable Dental Implants Los Angeles

Your Guide to Affordable Dental Implants Los Angeles
Your Guide to Affordable Dental Implants Los Angeles

When a person loses one tooth or multiple teeth, he or she may want a natural looking and permanent solution. This is exactly the purpose of dental implants. A dental implant is a replacement tooth that copies the structure of a natural tooth. The implant is placed into the jawbone and supports a crown or a bridge that appears like a real tooth. If proper care is given, this treatment may last a lifetime. Dental implants bring a number of benefits. When a person needs a tooth replaced, it is wise to understand the advantages and the cost of the service. At Atlantic Dental Group, we offer affordable dental implants Los Angeles services.

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many options for a person who is missing a tooth. However, receiving a dental implant brings a number of advantages.

  • Behave Like Natural Teeth. Unlike other options, implants are stable and permanent. A person enjoys full chewing capabilities. Many patients report that they cannot tell the difference between their implants and their real teeth. It is possible to eat, brush, and floss regularly. To repeat, they can last a lifetime with proper care.
  • Prevent Bone Loss. When a tooth is missing, a person’s jawbone may deteriorate from lack of stimulation. Many times, dentures accelerate bone loss. When an implant is in place, a person can chew properly and stimulate the jawbone, which results in no loss.
  • Keep Teeth Stable. When a tooth is missing, the adjacent teeth tend to shift inward. This causes misalignment that affects a person’s bite and smile. It may cause pain in the jaw and head as well. An implant holds teeth in place.
  • Helps Prevent Gum Problems. When a tooth is missing from a person’s mouth, the gums may trap food and bacteria, which can lead to gum disease. By filling the space with an implant, gum problems are less likely to occur.
  • Prevents Facial Sagging. When teeth are missing and bone loss occurs, a person’s face usually starts to sag. This can cause wrinkles to form around the mouth and eyes. In the end, it makes an individual look much older. Implants can prevent these issues.

Cost of Dental Implants Near Me

It is true that dental implants are some of the most expensive tooth replacement options. However, it may be surprising to uncover the cost of dental implants near me. At Atlantic Dental Group, we try to help patients receive affordable dental implants.

The price of dental implants is often high. However, most people don’t understand the intricate process that is involved. To begin, it is necessary to receive comprehensive images of the mouth’s structure. If a person’s jaw is not strong enough for the implant, a bone graft procedure may be necessary. If the implant will be placed in the upper side of a person’s mouth, a sinus lift or elevation may be necessary as well. On top of this, it is important to include the price for fitting and creating the actual implant.

Some of the most expensive dental implants around Los Angeles cost approximately $5,000. Unfortunately, this is out of many people’s budgets. Since implants are specialty procedures, many dental practices raise their prices. Many patients report how difficult it is to uncover a comparison of costs for dental implants around California. To begin, many dentist charge for an initial consultation. In Los Angeles, the average cost for one plant is $2,271.

How Much are Affordable Dental Implants Los Angeles?

How much are affordable dental implants? At Atlantic Dental Group, our goal is to offer the most affordable dental implants Los Angeles services possible. By lowering our prices, we hope that other practices will follow suit so that individuals in all financial segments can enjoy healthier and more beautiful smiles.

At our office, dental implants are offered for as low as . However, it is essential to understand that these prices should not be confused with subpar quality. It is vital to understand that high-quality dental implant materials are inexpensive to professional dentists. Since we buy in large quantities, we can save money on parts. Also, we have an in-house lab. This means that it is faster and less costly to create surgical guards and to prepare for the actual implant procedures. We are more concerned about providing affordable care to our patients than making a profit.

Why Atlantic Dental Group is a Top Choice for Implant Treatments

Dr. Paz performs implant procedures for Atlantic Dental Group. He explains that the low price includes a complete implant. This encompasses the implant, abutment, and crown. There are absolutely no hidden fees. Dr. Paz believes that it is moral and ethical to provide affordable treatments to everyone, especially when it involves such a life-changing procedure.

As previously discussed, we buy our materials in bulk so that we can pass the savings onto our patients. Also, we perform a high amount of procedures in our office, so we enjoy wholesale lab fees for crowns. This provides a significant price decrease for implant restorations. Our products are FDA-approved and German-made. All of our work is guaranteed. Finally, Dr. Paz does not believe in charging high prices for his expertise. He realizes that making a large profit at the expense of his patients is not necessary. Therefore, he provides affordable care and excellent results.

How to Pay for Dental Implants Los Angeles Without Insurance

Unfortunately, most insurance providers view dental implants as cosmetic procedures and only cover a small portion of their cost. If a person wonders how to pay for dental implants without insurance, there are solutions. Many providers help to make the payment process easier. For example, some practices offer in-house financing. Also, certain third-party companies provide no-interest financing for set periods of time. When a person has solid payment options, it becomes easier to afford and to seek this type of dental procedure.

It is important to establish a trusting and caring relationship between a person and his or her dentist. At our office, we provide upfront pricing and free consultations. We work hard to make sure that all patients’ oral health is upheld. Let us help you take care of your mouth and fall back in love with your smile. Without a doubt, Atlantic Dental Group is the most affordable dental implant practice around Los Angeles. When you want reliable and cost-effective treatments, look no further than our office. For more information, contact us at (562) 567-0498.

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