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Cost of Complete Dental Implants at Atlantic Dental Group
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Dental Implant Costs

Dental Implant Costs in Whittier and Los Angeles
Dental Implant Costs in Whittier and Los Angeles

Yes, you’re reading this right! At Atlantic Dental Group, our complete dental implant costs – including the implant post, abutment and crown – starts as low as each.

When it comes to dental implants, we want you to know exactly what you are paying for. Unlike other dentists, our pricing is transparent. There are no hidden fees. What you see here is exactly what you’ll pay for following your dental implant procedure. It’s that simple!

dental implant iconFREE CONSULTATION! Speak to our dental experts and formulate an ideal preliminary plan for your procedure. Fill out our form or give us a call and we can set up your appointment today! We offer the lowest cost dental implants.
Single Dental Implants –
dental implant iconA Single Posterior Tooth Implant is and includes the dental implant, abutment and crown. Most “discounted” prices that other dentists offer will be for consecutive teeth but here at Atlantic Dental Group we only charge for a dental implant, just one! Our Anterior Implants can be as low as . We have the most affordable dental implant prices in all of Los Angeles.
Bone Graft – $800
bone graft iconThe fees for Bone Grafts depend on your root’s shape and size that need to be extracted. Bone Grafts may be needed if you’ve had a missing tooth for more than 12 months. Not every patient needs to get a Bone Graft.
Sinus Lift – $900
sinus lift iconA Sinus Lift adds bone to your upper jaw in the area of your molars and premolars. If you do not have enough bone height in your upper jaw you may need a Sinus Lift.
Sinus Elevation – $2,100
sinus elevation iconA Sinus Elevation is a surgical procedure that creates a lateral window for a major sinus lift bone graft.

Affordable Pricing for Our Low Cost Dental Implants

Here at Atlantic Dental Group in Whittier we have up front pricing for our low cost Dental Implants and our other procedures. Many of the advertised pricing you see from other dental offices on billboards or hear on the radio are misleading as they only advertise the price for the “Implant Procedure” which they say is only $399.

The truth is that they don’t include the price of the Abutment and Crown which are needed to complete the Dental Implant so your final cost is much more. We’ve called them and they admit that that their average price for a complete dental implant is well over $1800 and more like $2000.

Some offices only advertise pricing for consecutive back teeth. Our affordable pricing is straightforward. Our Dental Implants are some of the lowest priced in all of California.

Dr. Paz is an expert in Dental Implants. Read about his philosophy for charging such a low price for Dental Implants: Why Are Our Dental Implants So Affordable? If you are interested in getting a Free Consultation please fill out our form or give us a call!

Our Dental Implants aren’t cheap, they’re affordable!

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Dr. Aaron Paz Whittier Dentist
Dr. Aaron Paz
Graduated New York University’s College of Dentistry with honors and has placed over 5000 implants.
Dr. Alfred Tamir
Graduated from NYU School of Dentistry and continuously receives the “Best Dentist of the Year” awards.
Dr. Jonathan Shouhed
Graduated from UCLA and received his D.M.D at Herman Ostrow School of Dentisty.

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