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Take a Look at “All on Four” Dental Implants

All on 4 Implants vs. Traditional Dental Implants

One of the biggest strides the dentistry field has made is the development and perfection of dental implants. Dental implants are a great option to regain your missing teeth that are causing more harm than good not getting taken care of. However, dental implants alone are not the solution everyone wants. See, the dental implant process takes up to 4-6 months for at least one if not more dental implants to be inserted, healed, and topped with an abutment and crown. For this reason, “All on 4” dental implants have been developed. Here’s how this special take on dental implant technology is preferred by many.

Introducing the All on 4 Procedure

Dental implants are actually a classic dental procedure now, its modern birthday is in the 1960s. That sure is a long time ago, especially figuring in the exponential growth in our technology and research tools. In 1998, Dr. Paulo Malo introduced to the world the idea of “All on 4” dental implants, a milestone in dentistry that will change how you can replace missing teeth.

“All on 4” dental implants, also known as Same Day Implants, consists of 4 dental implants that are positioned in the jaw that act as an attachment base for a full set of prosthetic teeth. Think of “All on 4” dental implants like an inseparable LEGO piece, a dental solution that snaps on your teeth and is hard to near impossible for them to fall out accidentally.

How Does it Work?

The process is simple. Of the four dental implants that are used, 2 are fixed perpendicular to the anterior (front side) of your jaw where it is the strongest and thickest. The remaining two dental implants are placed further back in the jaw where your molars were, angled inwards to avoid damage to facial nerves and running arteries. The 4 implants together all work together to provide a sturdy and effective base for the prosthetic teeth that will adjoin the prosthetic teeth to it.

The 4 dental implants that are used in this scenario are made of titanium and are the same quality your dentist would give you in a traditional dental implant procedure. It seems like it is the same, but there are actually many advantages the “All on 4” procedure has that dental implants alone do not have.

Big Advantages for Getting All on 4 Treatment

Many patients decide to get “All on 4” implants is because of its reliability and purpose. “All on 4” benefits those especially with the need to replace an entire row or set of teeth. Rather than getting 10-12 separate dental implants drilled into your jawbone and feeling the swelling as you recover from this process, you have the option to get only 4. This can be especially unpleasing and hard to imagine, which is why those who need a full set of teeth choose to get “All on 4” implants. Getting a new set of teeth all on 4 implants is much more affordable, just as beneficial and doesn’t come with the numbness and excessive swelling that will result from multiple individual dental implants.

Another reason that people choose “All on 4” over settling for normal dental implants is the recovery time. Getting the surgery done with an excellent doctor could have you walking out of their office with a new set of teeth by the end of the day! No more waiting 4-6 months for your implants to settle and bond to your jawbone, with “All on 4” you can have your prosthetic teeth or crowns placed within hours.

This is a huge advantage over normal dental implants, as with a regular dental implant procedure you will have to wait for the site of the implant to heal for 6 months, with only a flipper in place to prevent damage to the area. This and having to schedule multiple dental appointments to finish the implant procedure can be a massive headache for many people, save yourself some Tylenol by looking at all your dental implant options.

Let Atlantic Dental Help You!

Whether you are looking into getting traditional dental implants, or have piqued interest in “All on 4” implants, there is one place that has both. Here at Atlantic Dental, we offer both implant services for an affordable price that is unmatched in the entire state of California. If you are interested in getting started, please contact us today and we’ll get started with a Free Consultation. It’s our job to give you the best dental implant services, all we ask is you love your smile when you finish your treatment!

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