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Sedation Dentistry

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Going to the dentist is tough for a lot of individuals. For those who have high levels of anxiety, sitting down with a dentist for a session seems impossible. At Atlantic Dental Group, we cannot ignore the presence of dental phobia and anxiety that keep millions of Americans away from the dentist every year. To remedy the situation, our dentists can provide you sedation dentistry experience.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a simple, yet increasingly trending method of going to the dentist and undergoing a procedure without having to be awake for it. At Atlantic Dental Group, our dentists offer a couple options for sedation.

The most common method of sedation is through medication. You can ingest the sedation drug in the form of a pill and will lead you into a deep conscious sedation. It is a safe and effective solution for most patients, with minimal side effects such as situational amnesia and grogginess. Only dentists with specialized backgrounds may provide this solution.

Another option available is IV sedation. It is as safe as pill consumption, works near instantaneous and is much more effective. Just like oral consumption, IV sedation may also cause situational amnesia and only dentists with a specialized background may utilize this method.

A final option is available and is one you may have heard of previously. That’s nitrous oxide or laughing gas for familiarity. It’s a good solution for those who wish to remain present during the procedure but need to ease their anxiety / dental phobia. You’ll feel groggy and de-sensitized, but those feelings will ebb away by the time your treatment finishes.

Are you in need of sedation dentistry? If so, contact Atlantic Dental Group by phone (562) 567-0498 or online today and talk to one of our dentists to discuss your dental needs.

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