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Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment at Atlantic Dental Group

What is a Root Canal?

Tooth decay forms cavities in teeth, which then spreads deep into a tooth, reaches inner pulp and can cause rapid spread of infection along with a lot of pain. In such a case, a root canal treatment is absolutely necessary.

How Are Root Canals Performed?

Contrary to popular belief, root canal treatment is not painful. The infected tooth is first anesthetized to completely eliminate the pain. Then, a drill is used to expose the infected pulp.

A rotary machine or simple files are used to enter the root canals of the teeth and pull out the infected pulp. If there was swelling and severe infection, the root canals are filled with an anti-biotic paste for a few days to help eliminate infection. Alternatively, anti-biotics may be prescribed for a couple of days before the root canal procedure is performed.

After adequate cleaning and shaping, the root canals are irrigated with an anti-septic solution, dried and filled with a bio-friendly material. A post may be used to reinforce the roots and then the tooth is filled and covered with a crown, restoring is functionality.

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