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Poor Habits that are Ruining Your Teeth

No one has a perfect smile, even a model cannot claim to have completely natural yet untouched teeth. As a fact, every time we open our mouths, we expose our teeth to the elements, wearing them down ever so slightly. Now we can only imagine what happens when we bite and chew with our teeth.

This doesn’t mean you have to just surrender our teeth. Teeth do last for a lifetime if we take loving care of them. They endure our talking, chewing, grinding and gnashing and unhealthy eating ventures so long as we give them the care they ask for.

If you’re looking to save your smile and stop the onslaught of loose, cracked teeth, read on.

Be Aware of Destructive Habits Damaging Your Teeth

We’re all guilty for using our teeth for something other than what they’re meant for. It was more convenient at the time to use our teeth to open a bottle, rip open a bag of chips, or even to hold something while our hands were full. This is a habit we can easily avoid, but for some of us is the reason we’ve made an emergency trip to the dentist to repair a cracked incisor or sliced gums. The easiest way to prevent this is to use your teeth for what they’re for, and our brain to think of another way to accomplish the task at hand.

Stay Hydrated During Sports with Water, Not Energy Drinks

Moving on, there’s even more destructive habits we can easily avoid to protect our teeth. Up on the list is nail biting, something 1 out of 3 people use as a stress or distraction mechanism.  Nail biting flattens the edges of your front teeth and over time causes hypersensitivity and possible cracks in your enamel.  Not only that, nail biting can put an unnatural stress on your jaw. Teeth grinding is another bad habit we can detach from. Grinding most often happens at night while you’re asleep. The easiest way to protect your teeth from your subconscious habit is to slip in a night mouth guard before bedtime. This keeps your mouth partially open and your tongue lifted so that your teeth can’t grind against each other.  

Speaking of mouth guards, you certainly need one when playing sports. Mouth guards aren’t supposed to be a fashion statement in the sports world, they’re supposed to protect your teeth during any contact sport. Before being on the receiving end of a blow to the mouth knocking out a few teeth, make sure you invest in a comfortable mouth guard.

Now, keep in mind for sports your opponent isn’t the only enemy on the court. Energy drinks have high sugar concentrations, and are always a threat to the health of your teeth. While it may seem awkward, even star athletes brush their teeth after a game knowing it’s the best way to combat sugar. Better yet, switch to water. Water keeps you more hydrated and aware than any energy drink, and won’t give you a sugar crash following your game either.

Let’s talk about our drinks. For coffee lovers, know that too much coffee can lead to staining and yellowing of the teeth, not to forget you’re putting them through searing hot temperatures. Think again the next time you decide to pour your second morning coffee, or third or fourth. Now tag in soda, which is bad if not, even worse than coffee is for your teeth. Soda is full of sugar and carbonation, a damaging duo for your teeth. Did you know, the average soda has a sugar volume of 11 teaspoons? That’s a lot for an 8 oz. can of soda. What about our red wines? While they make for great evening drinks, they actually are the cause of dark patches on your teeth, and leave stains that aren’t easily removable. Water’s starting to look awesome right about now.

Smoking is also a Bad Habit that can Harm Your Mouth, Quit it!

By the end of this article we hope you’re more knowledgeable about destructive habits and what they pose to your teeth. Some habits are easier to avoid than others, but with good oral care you’ll make sure your teeth last up to a lifetime. For more information about destructive habits ruining your teeth, contact Atlantic Dental today online or by phone at (562) 567-0498.

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