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Overview of Dental Implants: Reasons and Success

Overview of Dental Implants

For those out there missing teeth, or who will eventually miss teeth, the idea of a dental implant has undoubtedly been discussed. Most likely, this news hit so hard and fast that the rest of the visit went completely by the wayside. For those who had this problem, a dental implant acts to take the place of a missing tooth. It is a metal screw, generally titanium, placed into the jaw bone. A porcelain cap is placed on top of the screw, serving as both a cosmetic and functional replacement for a tooth. Gum tissue is grafted over the cap and screw, helping the jaw to accept this implant.

There are many people out there who require dental implants. Some people are missing teeth from birth. Other people have lost teeth due to disease, trauma, or poor care of teeth. Regardless of the reason or location of the missing tooth, or teeth, dental implants can help to alleviate this problem. They can make the mouth look as good as new and provide the exact same function that a typical tooth would. For this reason, a dental implant should be strongly considered by anyone looking to restore functionality to their mouth.

For the implant to be placed two different facets need to take place. First, a gap needs to be made large enough to accommodate a tooth. This can require braces initially and then a retainer with a tooth attached to it to keep the open space. Second, the mouth needs to stop growing in order for the tooth to fit. Otherwise, the mouth the grow without the tooth and the teeth will appear skewed. Once these two processes have finished, the surgery can take place.

Most operations take place without the patient being fully put to sleep. Generally locally anesthesia is all that is required. First, the jaw bone is revealed. Then, the tooth is screwed into place. After, the porcelain cap is added. This cap must be properly shaded to match the teeth around it. This is important because the native teeth can stain and whiten, but the cap cannot. It is essential for aesthetic reasons that the teeth match. Finally, gum tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth to hold the implant in place and help it graft to the teeth around it. Ultimately, these implants are very successful. Patients can eat anything they wish with the implant and the implant will not degrade or fall out.

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