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Make this the Year You Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants

Make 2018 the Year You Take Back Your Smile with a Dental Implant

Wow, time flies fast! We’re only days into 2018 and already last year seems so distant. Hopefully your holidays contained lots of laughter and quality time with your family and friends.

Oftentimes, we see an influx of patients come in for one reason, they want a dental implant. Why is that? In one case, they went through their camera to find the best holiday photos to share. However, they felt embarrassed by the fact they rarely smiled in any of the photos, and when they did, the gap in their teeth openly stood out.

Are you struggling with a missing tooth yourself? Don’t let your missing tooth play with your emotions any longer. Make 2018 the year you take back your healthy smile with help from dental implants!

What’s to Know About Dental Implants

  1. What are Dental Implants?
  2. A Walk Through the Dental Implant Procedure
  3. How Much are Dental Implants?
  4. Setting Up Your Free Consultation for Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants

If you don’t already know what dental implants are, you’re in luck. Dental implants are the number one solution for restoring a missing tooth, and have been since taking over the spot of dentures in the past so decade. A single dental implant consists of three parts – the implant screw, the abutment and the crown.

The implant screw is the initial piece that we insert into your jawbone. It’s titanium-alloy composition can bond with your jawbone rather easily through a process called osseointegration. Keep this piece of a dental implant in mind for later in the article.

Next is the abutment. The abutment is a bridge that acts as a connector piece between the implant screw and the crown. It protrudes out of the gum, but not to worry as the crown will cap it.

Lastly is the crown. Most times crowns are of acrylic or porcelain, as both materials are easy to stain and match the natural color of your teeth. The crown is the most expensive part of the implant, so it’s important that when you get a dental implant to keep up with good oral hygiene practices.

A Walk Through the Dental Implant Procedure

Getting an affordable dental implant takes little effort. In fact, most people qualify on their first try! The exceptions to that is if you need gum or bone grafting, or have a history with smoking. How to start is simple. It takes only a call or a quick filling out of our contact form to set up an initial Free Consultation, and from there your dental implant journey begins.

Placing a dental implant spans over a period of 6 months. There’s reason behind why the dental implants aren’t a single day procedure. Remember how we said the implant bonds to the jawbone through a process called osseointegration? Well osseointegration is when the bone regrows around the implant post, so it remains fixed and secure.

Initially, we place the implant screw and top it with a flipper so that you may continue to eat and drink with care. Patience is necessary for the next step. Known as the healing period, for 4-6 months you must let the implant screw osseointegrate. We will make sure to regularly check up on you and see how you weigh on the healing scale. After the healing period is over, you come in to have the abutment placed on top of the implant screw and will get your crown fixated soon after. After your last procedure visit, you can look at the mirror and marvel at the natural look of your new dental implant.

Dental Implants are Only $1200 at Atlantic Dental Group in Whittier, CA

How Much are Dental Implants?

A problem a lot of people, maybe even you, have run into is dental implant costs. At Atlantic Dental, we understand there are bigger priorities than restoring a missing tooth. That’s why we’ve made it easier to afford a dental implant at our practice than anywhere else.

Dr. Aaron Paz, founder and dentist at Atlantic Dental, understands not everyone has spending power in the palm of their hands. That’s why he goes out of his way to make dental implants more affordable for the working person.

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So how much are dental implants here at Atlantic Dental? Well, the cost of a single posterior (back of the mouth) dental implant is only $1200. This includes a complete dental implant – the implant screw, abutment and crown. An anterior (front of the mouth) dental implant starts as low as $1685. The reason for the difference in pricing is because the jawbone thins out near the front, making it harder to place an anterior dental implant.

Oftentimes people come to us saying we have cheap dental implants. That’s simply not true, we have the most affordable dental implants! Cheap doesn’t always mean high quality, but that’s what we do have here at Atlantic Dental! We are the most affordable dentist for dental implants in all of California, and we don’t plan to stop here!

Setting Up Your Free Consultation for Dental Implants

2018 may have just started, but now is the time to get a dental implant. The entire dental implant procedure spans at least 4 months thanks to the healing period, so the sooner you get a dental implant to restore your missing teeth, the better. Thanks to dental implants, you’ll be able to enjoy your time with the people you keep close to you, without being afraid of your own smile.

Start on your own journey with dental implants, it’s easy with Atlantic Dental! Simply give us a call at (562) 567-0498 or fill out our Free Consultation form online! Once you’ve done that, our team will get back to you shortly with further information, and pencil you in for a Free Consultation with our dentists. A healthy smile really can happen with a dental implant.

*Pricing for dental implants has changed. View our current cost of dental implants

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