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Laser Gum Recontouring

Laser Gum Recontouring

Inflamed, swollen gums can ruin even the brightest smile.  Laser gum recontouring and treatment can aid against gum disease and form a healthy and correct gum line. For severe cases of uneven gum line, a periodontist can be brought in to perform some minor corrective surgeries.

If you are unhappy with your smile because of receding gums or gums that cover your teeth, then gum contouring surgery could be for you.

What is Laser Gum Recontouring Surgery?

Gum contouring, also known as tissue sculpting or gum reshaping, is a surgical procedure used to even out the gumline. Though it is not medically needed, some people undergo the procedure in conjunction with necessary periodontal procedures, such as regenerative, pocket reduction, and crown elongating procedures; however, many people opt for the procedure to improve their smile.

Gum contouring is considered a non-cosmetic procedure when it involves trimming tissue that has grown to the point where it covers part of the teeth and when the addition of tissue is needed due to gum recession. However, gum contouring alone is categorized as a cosmetic procedure.

What Causes Uneven Gums?

Uneven gums can result in teeth that appear too small, in the case of gums that are too high, or they can make the teeth appear longer, in the case of gums that are too low, which makes many people unhappy with their smile.

Uneven gums can occur for a number of reasons, including heredity, taking certain prescription drugs, and periodontal disease but can be successfully addressed with gum contouring.

Excessive gum growth, or gums that envelope a large area of the tooth, can be caused by excessive tartar and plaque, certain health conditions, taking certain prescription medications, and genetics.

Gum recession, a condition in which gum tissue pulls away from a tooth and displays the root, can also occur as a result of genetics; however, it can also be a sign of the breakdown of the gums, teeth, and bone (periodontal disease), and left untreated, can lead to more detrimental effects, such as tooth loss and decay.

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