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For anyone who has had serious trauma to their teeth or who has had extensive work done only to find that even more serious conditions were caused by it, you may be in need of an extraction and following the extraction, an implant.

The idea of a dental implant may seem traumatizing or something you want to avoid at all costs and while it does cost more than your average dental work, it is definitely important and worth it to get it should you need it. The alternative is not that pleasant-many people would rather have a mouth full of pearly whites than to show off gaping gaps.

When Do You Need an Implant?

Things happen. Whether you had a root canal done and the crown was shoddily made resulting in trauma or fractures to the tooth or you suffer from a serious bone infection, you may need to undergo tooth removal. Whenever tooth extraction happens, it is necessary to either get a bridge or implant depending on the placement of said tooth or the quantity of teeth that may need to be removed.

How Does It Work?

The first step in the implant process is determining how much bone is left in order to know if it can accommodate the implant. If there is not enough healthy bone to support and accommodate an implant, any one of the following procedures may be necessary: bone grafts, maxillary sinus lifts, or another technique that will ensure regeneration and accommodation of an implant.

The next step in the implant process will be waiting for the bone and mouth to heal before an implant can actually be “installed.” After the implant starts to ¬®blend” with the bone, a bridge or crown will be needed to cover the implant and provide the patient with a natural looking tooth. It is a process that requires patience and time, but the end result is a tooth-full grin, which is what everyone undoubtedly wants.

Made out of titanium, implants do not typically cause any discomfort to the mouth and your mouth will easily adapt to the presence of an implant. While yes, implants can cost up to up to $7000, at Atlantic Dental you can get them for only $1450! Want more information? Schedule an appointment today through our contact form or by calling us now!

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