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Get a Second Opinion on Dental Implants

Get a 2nd Opinion on Dental Implants
Get a 2nd Opinion on Dental Implants

Missing one or more teeth is by no means any fun, fortunately for you, dental implants are the best solution you could ever ask for. Whether you just lost a tooth or have been struggling with dentures for years, dental implants will restore your confidence and your smile! What’s more, dental implants are more affordable than ever, giving you no reason to skip out on them when you need them the most.

Now, shopping around for dental implants can be very time consuming. When patients decide upon getting dental implants, they go to the first practice they can and often stop there because it’s time consuming to go around town comparing dental implant prices. After all, dental implants cost the same anywhere you’d go right? Wrong! There are several factors as to why dental implant costs vary from dentist to dentist, why some are more affordable than others. Dental implants may be a lifelong solution, but they don’t have to be expensive. Here’s why getting a second opinion for dental implants will work out for you.

Dental Implant Costs Are Rarely Transparent

Dental implants are not expensive. In fact, dentists are able to buy parts of a dental implant in bulk to save themselves and their patients money. At most, high quality dental implant parts cost the dentist roughly $1200. This number doesn’t include necessary bone or gum grafting, but that depends on your need for either of these procedures. That’s pretty understandable.

The thing is, these dental implant costs are not always transparent. High profile dental networks including Clear Choice spend tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to get you to click on their name first when shopping for dental implants but forego any information you’d like to have concerning pricing. They state there are no hidden costs or surprise fees, but how can they say that if they don’t have any information regarding their dental implant costs available for you to look at? They make a good argument, saying every case is unique, therefore they cannot quote you a price until AFTER a consultation.

When you do go in for a consultation, make sure the dentist can break down the quote they give you, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. If they are unable to be upfront with you about their pricing, how are you able to trust them to take care of you throughout the dental implant procedure?

That’s what sets Atlantic Dental Group apart from other dental implant practices, including Clear Choice. We’ve gone ahead and made the cost of our dental implants readily accessible on our website and across social medias. On top of that, we offer a Free Consultation for you to come in, get your X-rays done and sit down with our dentists so you can get answers to all the questions you have surrounding both dental implant costs and the procedure.

We’ve had many patients come in to us for a second opinion. Once they hear how much dental implants cost at Atlantic Dental they joyfully laugh because they received a quote elsewhere for nearly double the amount. The news is amazing yet surprising as well, because we’d think dental implant should be readily available for anyone that needs them. However, that’s usually not the case and our next point is the reason why. 

Dentists May Charge However Much They Want to

We’ve already resolved how much dental implants really are for the dentists, especially if they buy the parts in bulk. Dentists can also save themselves and their patients even more money by investing in an in-house laboratory used to process X-rays and create impressions. While these may all be driving costs, the final factor that determines the cost of the dental implant procedure is how much the dentist wants to mark up their time and services for.  

One thing not many inclining dental implant patients know about is the dentist’s ability to mark up their services to whatever price they feel like. If a dentist’s feels like their time and service is worth more than other dentists, they are going to charge more. This largely stems from a dentist’s educational level, time and experience in the field as well as their own profit goals.

A fact you should know is the average cost for a single dental implant in Southern California is only $4200, but even then, that’s a whole lot! That price is largely inflated thanks to some dentists who expect their patients to fork out $9200 for just one dental implant! That’s crazy! It’s not like these marked up dental implants are any different than less expensive ones either.  They compose of the same materials; the only difference is what these dentists plan on charging for their time and service.

The truth is, getting a second opinion on dental implants can save you anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Your missing tooth isn’t going anywhere, so take some time and figure out where you can get the most affordable deal on dental implants. You can find affordable dental implants as low as each, or you can stick with a dental network like Clear Choice who’ll quote you double the amount and spend thousands of dollars extra for the same exact thing. We think the right choice is very clear for you to make. Always get a second opinion for dental implants!

Come to Atlantic Dental for a Second Opinion

Whether you’ve just lost a tooth or are in need of a second opinion for dental implants, let us help you out! Our dentists here at Atlantic Dental Group are ready to help you get dental implants for a price you’ll be sure to smile about; it all starts with a Free Consultation! Schedule yours today by calling us at (562) 567-0498 or filling out our online contact form.

For more information on our dental implant costs and how we’re able to provide high quality, affordable dental implants, we ask that you check out the rest of our website.

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