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The Cheapest Dental Implants at Atlantic Dental Group

The Cheapest Dental Implants
The Cheapest Dental Implants

Everything in southern California costs more than it does in the rest of the country. The cost of living in the state, especially in the Los Angeles metropolitan area creates a money crunch in many ways. Your health matters too much to scrimp on it, but when it comes to cosmetic procedures, you might think you have to leave it last on the list of expenses. If you lost a tooth and want a dental implant to replace it, Atlantic Dental Group can help with cheap dental implants.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

A dental implant takes about six months to fully implant but provides a permanent solution to a lost tooth. Unlike other methods of addressing a lost tooth, you won’t need to renew an implant. An implanted tooth works just like a real tooth, looks just like a real tooth, but can never develop a cavity. You’ll still need to brush, floss, and use mouthwash because you need to keep your gums healthy, too.

What Other Options Exist?

Those other options include wearing dentures or obtaining a traditional dental bridge that attaches to the tooth on either side of the tooth you lost.

Wearing dentures requires you to return to the dentist approximately every two years to receive an updated denture. Your mouth changes over time, so the dentist must update the denture to fit your new teeth alignment. If you lose another tooth, you’ll either need another denture or use a different method to replace that tooth. You need to remove dentures every night before going to sleep. You must clean your dentures every day just as you would brush your teeth every day.

Dental bridges use similar solutions to dental implants but attach to your existing teeth. A bridge won’t make a good choice unless the rest of your teeth remain healthy. That’s because the bridge attaches to the tooth on either side of the lost tooth. The dentist bonds it to your existing teeth, typically. You give up certain foods when you get a bridge though. You can no longer eat popcorn, nuts, chewy candy, sticky candy, hard candy, or sugary foods. The latter could cause tooth decay underneath the crowns used for the bridge.

How Dental Implants Help Your Overall Health

Aaron Paz offers a dental implant service that respects your wallet and helps you improve your health and well-being. While insurance may consider dental implants a cosmetic procedure, restoring your smile helps your self-confidence and mental health.

Missing a tooth or teeth can impede your ability to properly speak and enunciate words. A dentally implanted tooth restores the ability to speak normally. Losing a tooth or teeth also affects your normal facial structure. You can maintain your normal facial structure by replacing the missing tooth or teeth with dental implants. Implants help prevent bone loss from the jaw at the point at which you lost the tooth.

It also helps your medical health. Losing a tooth that you don’t replace creates a gap that lets food and other particles make direct contact with your gum line. That creates a larger dental problem. Your gums work with your teeth to help you masticate food to prepare it for your stomach and intestines to process. Without treatment, the loss of one tooth can lead to the loss of other teeth. Closing that dental gap doesn’t just do wonders for your self-confidence; it helps protect your health.

How Much Are Dental Implants?

Pricing dental implants can create frustration. When you see advertisements for the cheapest implants, investigate those wild claims you see before visiting the dentist’s office and committing to dental services from them. Why? One dentist in Whittier, CA ,advertises a $399 implant. We checked it out ourselves, and it turns out that only covers the first step of the three-step procedure – the initial implant post.

Our advertised price, , for one implanted tooth, covers all three steps. Providing this all-inclusive price proves more honest and helps you plan accordingly. You’ll visit our office for at least four appointments during the course of about six months. Your timeline would look something like this:

  • Day one – initial consultation,
  • One to weeks later – implant placement,
  • Three to six months – abutment placement,
  • Two weeks later – crown placement.

Remember that other dentist that advertised cheap dental implants for $399? That price only covered the first step of the procedure, the implant placement, which resembles a screw. Once implanted, it requires a few months to merge with your jaw, what we in dentistry refer to as osseointegration.

So, how much are dental implants typically?

A Price Comparison

Many dentists in southern California charge between $4,000 to $5,000 for a single implant. We think that’s ridiculous. Perhaps Hollywood celebrities can afford those costs, but we live in Whittier, CA, where the annual median income comes to $76,333, according to 2019 data. We don’t think that you should have to spend $5,000 of your income to look better and feel better by replacing a tooth.

Our dental implant pricing starts at , a significantly lower price than the majority of other dental implant specialists in the country. When looking for the cheapest implants, consider the quality of the implants, the number of appointments provided during the process for progress checks, and the dentist’s reputation. Consider Atlantic Dental Group. We won’t gouge you. We provide high-quality dental care for those who need it.

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Let Atlantic Dental Group help you deal with your tooth loss. We offer affordable dental implants that help you prevent additional dental issues. We can help you restore your natural smile and protect your dental health.

Contact us to schedule an appointment. You can also call us with questions about dental implants. Dr. Paz, Dr. Alfred Tamir and Dr. Jonathan Shouhed offer the affordable dental services that southern Californians need. While our area became known for Hollywood films, celebrities shouldn’t be the only ones who can afford to look great and remain healthy. Let us help you restore your smile.

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