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The Cost of Dental Implants in Whittier, CA

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Finding the Right Set of Teeth

For the Best Price in the City of Whittier

Dental Implants are one of the most sought treatments for missing teeth this day and age. We will always recommend that you choose dental implants as they are far more beneficial and productive than other dental alternatives.

Finding a dentist that performs dental implant surgery is rather easy, the internet exists for a reason, however finding a dentist that is affordable is a tough one. The cost of dental implants in the city of Whittier is a hard one to grasp, as many dentists shy away from sharing their prices publicly. That’s why we are here to help.

The Cost of a Smile

Average Cost of Dental Implants in Whittier

Recently a few of our patients described their process in finding us and how long it took until they finally found the cheapest solution. So we looked into this ourselves. Finding a low cost, affordable dental implant practice in Whittier, California is difficult. We learned this the hard way by contacting over 100 dentists in the city of Whittier, to get you an idea of the cost of dental implants and where you can find the cheapest.

Dental Implants Are the Perfect Solution

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Here at Atlantic Dental, we know the struggle and stress that comes along when you start losing teeth. At any age, losing your mature teeth can cause you to feel older than you really are, and we don’t want that. For those who are struggling with missing teeth, we can help! We specialize in dental implants, and we want to share with you the benefits of getting them yourself.

We provide dental implants for a reason and not dentures and bridges. The two alternatives cause massive issues that you shouldn’t have to deal with. This includes having a chunky feeling in your mouth, disabling or impacting your speech, eating capabilities, and eating impairment. Meanwhile, dental implants feel exactly like natural teeth. Dental implants don’t require the same treatment and care as its alternatives, because you can clean and maintain them the same as your other teeth. Most cases, all you need to do is brush and floss on a daily basis and you’re set for a lifetime.

How Long Does It Take to Get My New Teeth?

Typically the dental implant procedure lasts between 6-12 months. Many who come into our office approach us with this question, “Why is the dental implant process so long?”

Usually, when you first come into our office, we give you a diagnosis whether you can get dental implants, and can quote you a price for the amount of work your case necessitates. Should you choose to go on with the process, we can set up an appointment to get the initial implants inserted. On that visit, it typically takes an hour to embed the implant into your jawbone, the base for all your teeth. Once that happens and you’re all cleaned up, you will have to wait for a healthy 6 months. Typically the long time skip after the initial procedure occurs because the implant has to assimilate with your bone, so it is secure and won’t fall out. However, once your jawbone and implant have successfully integrated, our office can finalize the procedure.
You’ll feel like royalty when you leave our office – procedure finished – with a crown placed firmly on your new dental implant. In the weeks following, you’ll adjust to your newly found tooth, and occasionally forget it’s not a natural tooth!

Why It’s Important To Care For Your Dental Implants

Dental implants act like your third set of your teeth. They give you the chance to redeem and make up for past mistakes that caused you to lose your natural teeth in the first place.

If you were a smoke addict, getting dental implants would mean giving up nicotine products forever. There are reasons why smoking has been discouraged in the last couple of decades. Studies have proven, and are confirmed in our office on a constant basis, that those who smoke will develop gum disease. If you are qualified for dental implant surgery, but are a smoker, giving up the lighter and trips to the gas station for another pack should be your highest priority.

In life, there aren’t many opportunities to regain something you’ve lost. Teeth are similar. Getting dental implants can be a great fortune for you should you need them. If you are looking to get dental implants, contact us today online or by phone, and we’ll help you set up an appointment with us and let us get you on the right track to feeling younger with a full set of teeth.

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