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Some adults lose teeth either due to disease or trauma. As long as the jaw is healthy, a dental implant can be placed without any problems. When it comes to adults, the mouth has finished growing. This means there is no waiting time for adults looking for dental implants. Furthermore, the dental implants can handle every kind of food a regular tooth can. Whether it is a rock hard apple or tasty lollipop, the dental implant requires no additional care and will not break. The titanium screw can withstand even the greatest trauma.

Finally, for those with extensive bone loss or gum disease, placing an implant can be challenging. This doesn’t mean an implant can’t be placed. Patients are encouraged to get an individual consult before ruling out dental implants. Practices including Atlantic Dental come with the latest and most experienced professionals available. There are adjunct therapies that can help even the most diseased mouths accept a dental implant.

Dental implants are life changing. They can help fill out a beautiful smile and improve self-esteem in life-changing ways. For those out there missing teeth, seek out a consultation for dental implants today.

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