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Are $399 Dental Implants A Solution?

In recent years, dental implants have been widely regarded as the best solution for restoring missing teeth. Not only have they surpassed dentures and bridges in functionality and quality, they are more affordable and more appealing. Today I want to address and answer a question about certain dental offices that are advertising dental implants “for only $399.” It’s been on my mind for a while and I feel that people should know the truth about how much they will actually be paying for dental implants after all the hidden fees.

A few weeks ago a patient coming in for a free consultation asked about $399 implants. I was surprised at first. They were wondering if the dental implants are actually being offered for only $399. That stuck with me for the rest of the day. Coincidentally that night, I was stuck in traffic on the freeway, and sure enough there was an electronic billboard that switched to an advertisement for $399 implants. That’s insane! I have never seen a price so cheap and affordable.

This offer was too good to be true!

I said to myself, “There’s absolutely no way that these other dentist are only charging $399 for dental implants.” When I got home I did a little research about their office and their costs, their equipment, and the cheap dental implants they offer. The following information is to shine a little light on what I have found out.

$399 Implants are not $399.

Does that surprise you? We would think that if a dentist is spending thousands of dollars to put big font on a billboard or for a 30 second ad on the radio that they would at least be truthful about their product.  

Breaking down the Price

There is no such thing as getting dental implants done for only $399. What these dentist advertise is for only the implant post itself, the part that is threaded into your jawbone and acts as the root of a tooth. Oftentimes these cheap dental implants lack the same quality that other dentist provide.

What their prices do not include is the missing abutment, crown, X-rays, and lab fees that come with paying for a dental implant. When we called their office and acted like a client they were reluctant to tell us that the actual price you will end up paying is well over $1,500.

Why do they have to resort to false advertising, bait and switch, and a play on words to make money? The thing is though, it works, and that’s scary.

Why does it Work?

Unless you are a dentist yourself, or are well educated on the matter, you most likely do not know a thing about dental implants. False advertisements for $399 implants are only playing with your emotions, reeling you into their office. These dentist make you believe that you need them more than they need you, but if that was the case why would they spend thousands of dollars to bait you into their doors?

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when you’re shopping around for a Dental Implant:

  • Why are the dental implants being offered so cheap?
  • Does the pricing include the abutment and the crown?
  • Is the dentist experienced in placing dental implants?

These are the questions that should be easy to answer. If you aren’t sure yourself, call the dentist! If they cannot answer you truthfully or in a timely fashion, your best bet would be to seek out another dental implant specialist.

Final Thoughts

The next time you see an advertisement for $399 implants, it’s best to ignore it. The entire advertisement is a hoax to lure you in and make you pay a hefty price for. While that is the case, high quality service and cheap dental implants do exist. There are options out there for you to get affordable dental implant treatments. Be smart, get your questions answered, and feel good about the money and heartache you’ll save when you get your dental implant.

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