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Why are Our Dental Implants So Affordable?

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Dr. Paz Dental Implant Pricing

Dr. Paz – You may be wondering how we charge such a low price for our dental implants. Could this be a hoax? Are we not including the price of the abutment and crown? The fact is we are not one of those bait and switch dental practices that claims to only charge “$399” then has you paying over $2000 with all their hidden fees.

Our affordable dental implant pricing is for a COMPLETE Dental Implant. That means our pricing includes the implant, abutment, and crown. We have a history of happy clients who have been with us for over a decade. To be exact, over 17,000 happy clients.

Then why are we so inexpensive? Let me explain the expensive implants, but 1st let me tell you a little bit about my background.

Since I was a kid, my late father taught me to be a contributing member of society. He taught me that it is our moral and ethical obligation to help people who need it and that’s what sets us apart as humans.

During my residency, I learned about dental implants and how they can be life changing to those suffering because of tooth loss. Dental implants give people a second chance for a healthy and beautiful smile.

I quickly realized upon entering the dental field, that most dental offices charged astronomical prices for dental implants. The price for dental implants, were no less than $3500 which is way overpriced. I wondered how such a great and life changing advancement in science and technology could be so far out of reach for the average person.

Dental implants then became the area of interest in dentistry for me. I decided I wanted to help people that have lost teeth regain their confidence by getting them their beautiful smile back. My goal became to reduce the cost of dental implants and make them affordable for the average person who may live on a limited salary and supports a family.

In order to reduce the cost of dental implants I identified the 3 main factors that go into its pricing.

  1. The Cost of Dental Implants and its Parts
  2. The Cost of Laboratory Fees
  3. The Dentist Fee Per Hour
Dental Implant Pieces

The Cost of Dental Implant Parts

Over the years I have completed thousands of successful implant surgeries. Eventually I was offered a position as a consultant for a dental implant company. The position involved performing live surgeries to educate my colleagues in dental implant surgeries and assisting these doctors with their first few cases. By purchasing dental implants in bulk and using my clinical teaching experience I am able to offer my patients implants at a discounted price.

The Cost of Laboratory Fees

Due to the high volume of cases done by our office, we get wholesale laboratory fees for our crowns which help us significantly reduce our prices for dental implant restorations. I would like to clarify that we do not use cheap dental products. We use high quality, German made, state of the art dental implants, which are approved by the FDA and European Union CE. Our laboratory is among the best in the country. We are so highly regarded that we guarantee our work.

Dentist Fee Per Hour

Dr. Paz placing a Dental Implant in a Patient

Now the only factor left to determine the price of a dental implant is how much a dentist wants to charge for their services. Just like any other business, dentistry is service based and dentists choose how to mark up their own fees, regardless of their skill or expertise. Many dentist, especially ones in affluent neighborhoods, charge marked up prices for their services because they think they can get away with it. My team and I have done our research and we have called over 500 dental offices in Southern California to get pricing for dental implants. The average price for dental implants is $2600, and some dentist charge over $9500 for the same exact product!

I deeply care about my community and I hold dear the lessons that my father taught me about making a difference in people’s lives. This is why I wanted to offer a lower cost alternative to make dental implants affordable for the people who just can’t pay the highly marked up fees of other dentists.

Due to my vast experience and expertise, I can do more implants per day than the average dentist, which helps me make a decent living to support my growing family.

Do you think I compromise the quality of my work because I am not charging as much as a Beverly Hills doctor?

Absolutely not. Our office is equipped with modern equipment like a CT scan unit, which allows us to better examine bone quality of every patient prior to surgery and create a customized treatment.

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We Are Not Cheap. We Are Affordable!

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