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5 Surprising Dental Implant Facts

5 Surprising Facts about Dental Implants

How well do you take care of your teeth? Sure, you may brush them twice a day for two minutes. You floss everyday (we’re exaggerating here). You even put up with a semi-annual visit to the dentist just to have them scrape at your teeth and criticize your cleaning habits. However, that might not be enough to have a full set of healthy teeth your whole life.

When it comes to losing a tooth, life can be hard. Suddenly, eating and speaking turn into a chore. You have less confidence in yourself. To add more salt to the wound, a missing tooth can cause more teeth to fall out!

Fortunately, if you have a missing tooth, you have one option available that will alleviate all your woes. Dental implants, highly regarded as the greatest dental restorative solution of all time, is exactly what you need. You’ve plenty of reasons to get a dental implant if you have a missing tooth, which is exactly why you’re here. Check out these 5 surprising dental implant facts that’ll have you more interested in them than ever.

5 Dental Implant Facts

  1. Dental Implants are Rocket Science
  2. Dental Implants Used to be Shells
  3. Dental Implants are Impervious to Cavities
  4. Dental Implants Have the Highest Success Rate
  5. Dental Implants Have no Age Limit

Dental Implants are Rocket Science

Did you know, dental implants are the only restorative solution that looks and feels exactly like your natural teeth? The secret behind this is titanium, the same material used to build rockets that fly into space! While a dental implant can’t take flight, it certainly is durable and made to last. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand dental implants bond to the jawbone rather than rest on top of your gums like dentures and partials do.

Dental Implants Used to be Shells

We’re fortunate to live in a time where dental technology can change in a day’s notice. However, before modern dental implants, people used shells as a solution for missing teeth. Yes, shells! Rewind back to the Mayan Civilization in 600 AD, village healers whittled sea shells and hammered them in place of a missing tooth. It’s such a shame their civilization disappeared, but we won’t miss shells inside our mouths at all.

Dental Implants are Impervious to Cavities

One of the coolest things about dental implants is the fact they cannot develop cavities. After all, why lose one tooth and then another for the same reason! Dental implants may look and feel like natural teeth, but it’s nothing like a real tooth. A real tooth consists of pulp, dentin and a protective layer of enamel. The easiest way to describe a dental implant is with an implant post, abutment and crown. Essentially, a dental implant is indestructible. Yet remember, dental implants still require the same care you promise the rest of your teeth to keep it clear of potential gum disease.

Dental Implants Have the Highest Success Rate

Dental implants are highly successful. We deem success by seeing if a dental implant lasts longer than 10 years. Tallying all dental implant cases throughout the United States, 98% of them are successful. That’s a number you must take advantage of. The number could be higher, except there are people who continue to smoke and not care for their teeth like they should even after getting a dental implant. Who knows, if everyone treated their dental implant with care, the success rate would be 100%! Either way, dental implants are more successful than dentures and partials will ever be.

Dental Implants Have no Age Limit

Losing a tooth can happen at any age, for many reasons. Whether you’re 18 or 81, a missing tooth can be a bother. Fortunately, you can have a dental implant placed at any age, given that you’re a suitable candidate for one. The only exception to the rule is adolescents that have not yet lost all their deciduous (baby) teeth. So, if you have a missing tooth, it will not hurt you to seek a Free Consultation with your dentist when you’re available.

Are you interested in a dental implant? Be sure to take advantage of our affordable dental implant costs right here at Atlantic Dental. Schedule a Free Consultation with us today, and we’ll walk you through the entire process in our office. Want to share something interesting about dental implants? Be sure to leave a comment below.

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